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Dragon boating is a rapidly growing activity and Vancouver has become the site for one of the largest dragon boat racing event in North America. Teams from many sectors of the society, from youth groups to senior citizens, novice and seasoned paddlers, enjoy the team spirit, camaraderie and challenge that dragon boating brings to them. 

The strength and capabilities of the DBA are dependent on the volunteers who support the Association. Whether or not you have experience with dragon boating there are many ways in which you can participate and enjoy the company of a group of enthusiastic members.

If you have talent or experience with:

    designing, painting, creative arts  |    boating activities  |  computer skills |    trailer hauling  ability |  organizational and planning capabilities | community spirit

please take the plunge and become a member of DBA. There is an atmosphere of friendliness. 

We welcome your participation. Make waves together. 

 Our representative will provide your with details of how you can participate.

Contact us at:                                   Tel: (604)339-8555