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The Chinese Cultural Centre Dragon Boat Association, better known as the Dragon Boat Association, is a registered non-profit organization based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The mandate of the association is to promote dragon boating and to provide assistance to other organizations in dragon boating activities.

The DBA is managed by a group of dedicated volunteers who help to repair the dragon boats and provide services within their capability. Members of the DBA can provide various services related to dragon boating, including the coaching of recreational and competitive paddlers. 

2006 Races: Vancouver International Taiwanese Dragon Boat Race 2-3 September 2006 

2005 Races: Vancouver International Taiwanese Dragon Boat Race Results


Over the years DBA has been instrumental in coordinating dragon boat races in Vancouver and has assisted in organizing races at other venues. The principal event in Vancouver is the ALCAN Dragon Boat Festival held annually in June, for which DBA members have provided their expertise in various areas of the racing program. Besides catering to racing enthusiasts, the DBA offers recreational dragon boating to various interested parties.

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